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Fashion to the rescue

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The tragic earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan on March 11, 2011 has spurred people around the world to reach out many a helping hand, with donations, prayers and aid in a plethora of forms. 

Those involved with fashion are using what they do best to help those in need that have been affected by the disaster—raising money by designing and creating clothing, jewelry and more.

Lady Gaga, fresh off the high of her first Paris runway show, created a bracelet with the words “We pray for Japan.” The words are written in both English and Japanese with the star’s trademark claw separating the two.

It’s no surprise she raised $250,000 in the first 48 hours the bracelet went on sale earlier this week, which she mostly publicized through her Twitter account. Oh, the power of a tweet!

Check Twinkle’s Polyvore for more ways to help Japan.

In a grand gesture, fashion house Uniqlo, operated by Fast Retailing, isn’t just creating things, but literally it’s president and chairman Tadashi Yanai is donating over $12 billion of his personal wealth towards Northeastern Japan relief funds with additional money coming from the company’s accounts.

On a much more first world level, crafters and designers from all over are pitching in. Folks who sell their wares on the website Etsy have come together to bring their handmade items to the public, offering up hand-printed tees to buttons to jewelry—proceeds headed towards the Red Cross Japan relief fund. See more here.

Fashion at times has been thought of as a shallow art by some, and accused of creating the thought that beauty may only be skin deep. It’s comforting to know that everyone can be a part of helping out mankind in their time of need- model, designer, artist, housewife or whoever.

Just a few links to some others in the fashion world who are helping:

Tory Burch

Forever 21

H & M

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Fashion aids Japan
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